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Hva er det egentlig som skjer?

It 's been ten years since the towers in New York was demolisert. Yes, demolisert! Anyone who has had dealings with the blasting will without hesitation say that the towers were taken down with a brilliant urført controlled blasting. Basta!
Indisputable evidence that that is the case, is also obtained from analysis of collected material from the rubble mound. 

Analyser of the material is made by a number of independent laboratories, each of which establishes that the explosive "Termite" was applied, and a variety of video clips that are available online also clearly shows that the "killing" of the buildings is about an expert job. A blasting job as it has taken months to rig, and that only a very few companies in the world have the capacity and knowledge to perform. Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, my ass! This was not done by a gang of "terrorists" operating from caves in Afghanistan, or a small closet in Germany ... this was a job performed by experts without the turban.

Da whole was an "inside job"! The illusion that the two towers collapsed on that aircraft hit them is nothing more than just that, a well-directed illusion. And, what the survey called the Commission presented the conclusions in connection with the assassination, is nothing less than the result of a "goat and geese" constellation. A clean worm works produced by people employed by the economic and political makapparat who was  behind the assassination. Blast was performed on behalf of the big business that takes full advantage of the action.  

9-11 was nothing but a "Pearl Harbour" which opened the possibility of war and the oil industry to invade Iraq and usurp control of the country's oil sources, and putting in time of war. A war is for the banking industry and is nothing but a giant store with the huge consumption it entails, and that the course also provides the basis for the huge reconstruction contracts for companies like Bechtel and Haliburton. War is a racket!

Da is in connection with warfare is important to bear in mind that no war is a lost war for the participating industries. For everyone from liver doors of shoelaces and underwear to "bullets and gunpowder," war is a giant store, regardless of who "loses" or "winning". And the same applies even more banks. "Rothschild & Co.." that produces money for the operation of the war (usually both sides of the conflict!), with the help of the people and future generations of taxes and fees. 

Da frightening with the whole, however, that despite much evidence that 9-11 was a "false flag"operation, it's no process or proceeding against those behind the operation. All indications so that the owners of large industry and the banks also own not just the police ones but also the entire legal system. And even more amazing is that young people are willing to sacrifice their lives for the rat gang starts and entertains war. Then with regard to rat gang's sneaky consultant, Henry Kissinger, who said, -"Military but are just dumb stupid animals To Be exceptionally as pawns in foreign policy. "  (And as most are aware, there is sorindustrien and financial world that determines "Foreign Policy")

USA is in reality has become a grotesque totalitarian society, where many key points in the constitution was set aside during Bush's two governments (followed by Obama), and a number of actions and events over the ten years that followed the 9 - 11 witnesses. Initially, witnesses invasion, occupation and rape of both Iraq and Afghanistan about it. 
The rape of Iraq was conducted on the basis of lies and totally false premises, and the whole thing is nothing but a massive, comprehensive and sustained act of terrorism on the state level, where the little Norway is an active participant.

Tso, then imbecile Bush had finished their mission storkapitale, and the eloquent nod doll, Obama, took over, following the global banking scam, with its origins in the U.S., which led to a near total collapse of the world economy. Scam with fake "AAA" certificates resulted in millions of humans losing their savings, jobs and homes. 
An amazing thing, the IOM that the absolute breakdown was prevented by the elected representatives in both Europe and the United States stole the money from large and small investors (as well as people in general) once again and transferred the funds to most banks that had participated in the fraud operation. It must be accurate to describe it as pure finance terrorism carried out by corrupt politicians. Scary stuff ... Gently said.

SVindel with men-made global warming which was fronted by the Al Gore / IPCC during the Bush-Bush period, running ufortørnet ahead with the purchase and sale of "green certificates". A process that resembles very much about the Catholic Church's indulgences in the Middle Ages letter. 
CO2 trading is of course nothing but a huge new global taxation of the population in the world industraliserte. A mega fraud orchestrated by big capital under the leadership of råsvinet, Ted Tournament, with the benevolent help of "our" politicians. Unimaginable ... a pure capitalist terrorizing the population with the blessing of corrupt and / or incredibly stupid "elected" politicians. 

Og, we have Midt.Østen then. It sionitiske Israel continues its grotesque seventy years process of genocide in Palestine, without significant opposition in the Western world. The population of Gaza is refused supply of food, medicines, water and energy. Grotesque acts of terror against a population that has suffered such a tragic fate in the escalating scope and cunning, ever since Israeli terrorists killed Bernadotte. An endless tragedy that puts face on Lord Rothschild and his companions. Holocaust my ass! .

Hva that has affected and still affect the Palestinian population is nothing but a constant terrorizing of a people who are about to become extinct. A comprehensive genocide, carried out with full support from the U.S. and almost tacit approval from the European people. Unimaginable, but a clear indication of the economic and political power the Zionists exercise in our world. 

Scame to the last sore banking fraud on the table. The European Central Bank, together with the American Central Bank (Fed) and the International Monetary Fund breaks down the economy in Greece and Iceland, with the help of corrupt politicians. (There are operations that John Perkins talks about.) Well, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy are in fact in the same situation as Greece, and only a giant credit on behalf of the European population, preventing a shaky EU will not collapse . Similarly, economic crises is obviously also monitors in Bulgaria, Romenia, Hungary, etc. .. where a "Perkins" with security has long since started work. 

In large parts of the United States has been illegal to sell foods that are labeled "organic". Turnover "health food" products are about to be illegal, even inside the EU! We are at full speed into a food dictatorship, or rather food tyranny is a better description.
And before I forget it. In the process, I take with the other major financial fraud operation that our politicians' support and participation; pharma industry. Last year's frenzied affair with swine virus vaccine was not less than grotesque. The cost of Western citizens Orten billion euros ... and some cost the life. 
Now the rats on the pharma market with a new lethal injection. A "triple vaccine, which contains toxic cocktail from last year, plus many other harmful crap. Hmmm ... I am glad that I live in Germany, where (still) no one is forced to be injected with the devil cabinet. Worse, it is in Belgium, where people are jailed and fined if they refuse a shot in the ass. Strange stuff! Read Eustace Mullins "Murder by Injection"!

Med persistent intimidation campaigns on bad Muslims, and terrorist attacks, through a mass media that is completely in the hands of big capital, as well as some "false flag" terrorist operations (London and Madrid), increases monitoring of the community with a fast pace. Enormous investments are made in the monitoring equipment. Authorities in Germany are given free access to monitoring all private communications, as the situation in reality has been for several years in the United States. Orwell's world is really upon us. A pure terror that were unthinkable in the Western world for less than a generation ago. Unimaginable, but propaganda, which infuses fear into people, makes it possible to develop the world we are rapidly in. Well the fact is that many are so worried that they were screaming and asking for more surveillance and control. Shit on flat ground.  

Innnvandring by hordes of people that society has no need, coupled to the absurd invention, a "colorful community", with the introduction of smoking laws "(which is nothing more than a clever divide-and-herskt process disguised as a health measure ) are both elements that create fronts / splitting, anxiety and sometimes even hatred among the population. This gives it to reduce people's ability to collect against the promotion of the totalitarian society. A pure divide-and-conquer terror operation. A species fifth column movement in society. Fucking shit!

Selvsagt there is nothing new in that politicians and governments are lying to the public, but the extent of lies has been grotesque in both the U.S. and Europe. Even politicians who claim to lead a socialist party and to fight for democracy, are now utilsløret for the day attitudes that belong in a totalitarian plutokratisk world. The Norwegian Prime Minister, J. Stoltenberg, is a striking example of just that. 

Basis needs in any society, such as water, helstjenester, energy and transport, transferred to an increasing extent and to some extent with the increasing pace of private equity interests here in Germany where I live. This turns out always involves a growing financial burden for the population, and I believe you have a legal basis for the development gestations of electricity price in Norway illustrates this fact to time. 

HOW can the people of Norway and the rest of the western world "sit on your ass" and allow them to be deprived of an approximate democracy and to lose the social elements that form the foundation of a democracy? What is it really happening? 

Kit possible to have something smart with what Albert once said?, For many humans the horizon is a circle with radius equal to zero ... and they call her position "
Perhaps it is the sheep in us the power of capital has managed to scare it? Some "poetic" lines about Einstein and sheep, I have written HERE. And finally, I added a perfectly delightful snippet: with brilliant, George Carlin, who died all too early.
George Carlin - "Who Really Controls America"

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