fredag 17. april 2009

9/11 .... Demolisert med Nano-Thermite

Anyone who has seen a demo controlled stabilization of a high building, will automatically say to themselves, that the World Trade Center towers were brought down with the help of such a professional blasting.
What this means is, however, that the Bush government must have had knowledge of explosives ingested, though not directly have been behind the operation. However, it is by no means inconceivable that the government, carried out the Bush "terrorist act" as such "false flag" operations have been staged on several occasions in American history. Examples include the Vietnam War with Tonking Gulf and the 2nd World War with Pearl Harbour, etc.

Well, there is now an indisputable fact that highly explosive substance "thermite" has been used as explosives in all three buildings, and the video, found further down in this post, telling about this. What a controlled demo stabilization of the World Trade Center does, however, is that the 911 was a "false flag" operation! An operation orchestrated by the U.S. government or forces within it.

The question that then automatically arises is why such a "terrorist act" is set in the scene. A "fictitious" terrorist act, where Muslims are designated perpetrators and the answer is obviously to find in the American invasion and occupation of Iraq (and Afghanistan.

Warfare and occupation of Iraq involves a lot of money and of course thereof enormous profits for the suppliers of goods and services in the war. Iraq war / occupation has as of today, costing U.S. taxpayers more than what the Vietnam war cost and the cost will certainly come to surpass even the last war.

The whole thing is out of the war, for control of enormous value in the form of oil, and thus power. Power over other energy-hungry nations. Global power. It is further to create a national and global fear of Islamic terrorism, to facilitate the introduction of "Orwell's world" ... introduction of a totalitarian political system ... a system that is actually becoming a reality in the United States.

Invasion of Iraq that had long been planned before 911, had obviously not been possible without the "fictitious" terrorist act, but with 911 government actually achieved an almost absolute support in both the Democratic and Republican political wing, as well as in the U.S. population.

Without the 911 and the lie about the Muslim terrorist attacks, would not it be possible still to drive the U.S. terrorist operations in Iraq and Afghanistan ... with assistance including from the European Union. (President Obama who promised withdrawal of troops, send the rest now 21,000 new troops to Afghanistan, in addition to the approx. 50,000 already stationed there ... and all will be.)

Here is a imtervju with scientist Niels Harrit explaining crime:

There should not be any doubt anymore that the demo license ring was an "inside job"!

So all that remains of course to see whether the ex President Bush and his then government will be drawn to the responsibility for the grotesque crime that they MUST have had knowledge of, or even executed. However, the hope that it will happen is probably close to zero, I believe.

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